Ole Dammegård: Operation 40

phi website interview operation 40
Ole Dammegård, is a prize winning author, investigator and journalist with over 30 years experience, he is the author of “Coup D’etat In Slow Motion: The Murder Of Olaf Palme”, the Swedish Prime Minister in 1986. His extensive research and investigation has unearthed names of individuals and organisations that are linked to some of the most questioned and world changing events in our recent history. One of those organisations is Operation 40; established by Dwight D. Eisenhower and connected to a myriad of assassinations and mysterious deaths, including the JFK pièces de ré·sis·tance assassination.

We cover the major players and organisations involved, their  roles and placement on the day around Dealey Plaza, the system of information control before during and after as well as covering the flow on events and other assassinations. and back story of “the story”.
Operation 40 part 1
Operation 40 part 2


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