Ole Dammegård: Laurel Canyon, Hippies and Serial Killers

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The hippie movement, the hippie era, flower power, the love generation, it has many names but it’s original was Hippie and everything the Hippies stood for seemed to juxtapose the times and it’s influence spread far beyond just one generation. It’s influence was quite simply great; music, fashion, art, the sexual revolution, synthetic drug culture, design, advertising, film, colours, thinking and even our language. Suddenly the western world looked and sounded very different from the post war years of the 40’s and 50’s, which saw the West hard at work trying to forget the trauma of going to war, which also helped in paying the price for winning a war. The world had become a different place after WWII. Different players were now running the show with skills they had learnt in the first big one and then honed in the second. “Yellow Peril” was behind us and we were told The Third Reich was absolutely crushed. The NAZIs were either dead or brought to justice at Nuremberg.  Some did get away along the “Rat Lines”and more than just a few. Operation “Paperclip” was an American operation to bring top Nazis to America where they were given new names, homes and jobs in their fields, psychology, psychiatry, chemical engineers, working for the American government.
At the start of the 60’s it seemed  America was tipping into the crevice of yet another conflict while the fires of racial tension were smouldering and suddenly up popped the Hippies. So natural, so earthy but where they really so organic and were they spontaneous.
Joining me is Ole Dammegård an investigative journalist and the author of Coup Detat In Slow Motion: the Murder of Olaf Palme and whose is also no stranger to phi in the sky. Ole explores the connection between the start of this movement in Laurel Canyon in the hills of Loss Angels via Frank Zappa and the “log cabin’, the introduction of LSD by the CIA, the misdirection of the anti war movement by the hippies and the beginning of the serial killer phenomenon.

https://phiintheskyradio.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/2f6fa-mixcloud-button-logo.png?w=184&h=184Ole Dammegård: Laurel Canyon, Hippies and Serial Killers




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