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Melissa Zimdar’s “Fake News”…

Thank you Melissa Zimdars for the list. By putting alt-media on it, you have proven you’re a pro Clinton shill.


A century after Balfour, the UK should face uncomfortable home truths

The UK government is unlikely to issue the apology that Palestinians want, but this year will be a good opportunity to reflect on painful legacy

This month marks the 99th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration and the beginning in earnest of preparations for next year’s centenary.

Israel and its supporters are gearing up for a celebration of what they see as an historic document that underpins the state’s legitimacy. Palestinians and their allies, meanwhile, are seeking an apology from Britain for an injustice whose impact is still felt today.

Is the Balfour Declaration honestly something that Israel and its advocates should want to draw attention to? I would suggest not

The Balfour Declaration was a letter dated 2 November 1917, sent by British foreign secretary Lord Arthur Balfour on behalf of the government to Walter Rothschild, for it to be shared with the Zionist Federation. The letter included the following, 67-word statement:

“His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

This past week, the Israeli ambassador to the UK, Mark Regev, marked the 99th anniversary by releasing balloons into the London sky. Organisations including the Board of Deputies of British Jews, meanwhile, are part of an initiative that thanks the British government for having recognised “the longing of the Jewish people to re-establish its national homeland in the land of Israel”.

However, is the Balfour Declaration honestly something that Israel and its advocates should want to draw attention to? I would suggest not.

What self-determination?

It is a reminder, firstly, that the Zionist movement was only able to advance its goal of establishing a “Jewish state” in Palestine with the support of a colonial power. Though tensions increased between the British Mandate authorities and the Zionist movement, the project was only viable in the first instance thanks to the agreement, support and protection of the British Empire.

Today, the State of Israel is able to persist in systematic violations of international law, including a five-decade old military occupation, because of the backing, again, of powerful Western allies – especially, of course, the US. Israel’s diplomatic, economic, and military “shield” remains vital to the Israeli government’s ability to persist in its denial of Palestinian rights.

The Balfour Declaration is also a reminder that, in contrast to Israel’s insistence today that Zionism merely equates to “Jewish self-determination,” the creation of a “Jewish state” in Palestine directly contradicted the principle of self-determination.


Second secret pyramid found inside ancient Mayan temple

Archaeologists have found a previously-undiscovered pyramid hidden inside Mexico’s ancient Mayan temple of Kukulkan.

The giant Chichen Itza temple dates back to the 9th century but historians believe the second 10-meter tall structure, hidden within, is part of an earlier Mayan tribute to the gods.

Archaeologists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (NAUM) and the National Institute of Anthropology and History discovered the inner substructure using a tomographic x-ray technique to penetrate below layers of the stone without incurring any damage.


A secret inner section has been found inside Chichen Itza before. A 20-meter high pyramid had been uncovered in the mid-1930s, and the new development suggests Kukulkan was a kind of ‘matryoshka doll’ building.

Research professor Denisse Argote, of the National University of Anthropology and History, said it is not yet known whether there are any more design secrets contained inside the towering pyramid.


However, she described the discovery as “significant” as it may provide greater insight into how the Mayan settlement evolved.

“Following the chronology established for the city of Chichen Itza, this substructure could have been constructed between 600-800AD,” Argote told RT.

She said the pyramid is located near an underground sinkhole on the eastern side of the temple.

“This could tell us that the culture that built it knew about the existence of the cenote beneath it. This cavity was discovered by our team last year,” she added.

© Museo Nacional de Antropologia and Denisse Argote / IKONOS satellite

“We believe that results obtained in this investigation possess important implications towards the knowledge historians have about the Maya civilisation.”

A statement by the NAUM said the smaller pyramid displayed evidence of a possible shrine and rampway.

“The structure discovered last century would correspond to the transition period, and the one found now would be of the pure Mayan style,” the statement read.

NGO: Just 13 Per Cent of Migrants in Europe Actually Fleeing War

Just 13.7 per cent of migrants in Europe say they are fleeing war, with most admitting they are economic migrants, a new study by Doctors of the World (MDM) has revealed.


The NGO found that the majority of nearly 10,000 migrants they spoke to admitted they moved to Europe for economic reasons. Examining access to healthcare, the report looked at migrants across 30 cities, just under half of whom are staying in Europe illegally.

The study, which was published Tuesday in Brussels, discloses that 53.1 per cent of migrants surveyed reported emigrating for economic reasons, 20.5 per cent for political reasons and just 13.7 per cent said they moved to escape war.

MDM are demanding that migrants get full access to all aspects of national health services across Europe, and argue that their survey showing only 3.1 per cent migrate solely for healthcare bolsters the case for this.

In a statement, the NGO said: “Among the reasons cited for migration, only 3% of patients reported having left their country of origin including for health reasons.

“These figures show that [the idea people are migrating] for health reasons does not match the reality of the people we meet, and so this myth should be abolished in politicians’ speeches”.

As well as demanding governments of countries in the European Union (EU) grant “full access to [all aspects of] national health systems for all”, the organisation wants Europeans to arrange full transport to the continent for anybody and everybody who wants to migrate.

Noting that “violence on migration routes [to Europe] has been documented”, the report “calls on governments to ensure safe migratory routes to Europe free from violence, for all migrants irrespective of their nationality.”

The study also condemns the Dublin Agreement, arguing that it’s essential migrants be allowed to select the European country in which they reside. The NGO argues that without freedom to make this choice, and without “rapid and active” family reunification, there will be “far-reaching consequences on the wellbeing of migrants’ mental health”.

Barring Last-minute Surprise, Netanyahu Will Soon Be Questioned as Criminal Suspect


Law enforcers now focusing on additional information about Netanyahu. Fraud squad to probe suspicions of corruption, unlawfully receiving gifts and favors from wealthy patrons.

It seems likely that Benjamin Netanyahu will be summoned for questioning under caution — that is, as someone who might be charged with a crime — according to senior sources involved in the ongoing police probe into alleged acts of corruption by the prime minister. Haaretz has learned that, barring any unexpected turn of events, investigators from the Israel Police national fraud squad will soon visit the Prime Minister’s Residence to take testimony from Netanyahu.

In June, Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit announced his decision to launch an inquiry “in the wake of information that has been received concerning matters regarding the prime minister, and which was presented to the attorney general by the police intelligence and investigations division.”

The probe was initiated in response to information culled from two intelligence sources concerning alleged acts of corruption by Netanyahu, mainly during the period from 2006 to 2009, when he was leader of the opposition.

During the police inquiry, some of that information was refuted, including claims of an alleged second campaign headquarters funded by tycoons, allegedly falsified results in the party leadership primary, and more. Other claims which were investigated included the existence of a mysterious money pipeline through which millionaires from around the world allegedly funded the Netanyahu family’s needs. According to the intelligence sources, the key figure in this was Ari Harow, the prime minister’s former chief of staff.

Since late last year, Harow has been under investigation by police on suspicion of falsifying the $3 million sale of a consulting firm, supposedly sold when he assumed his position at the Prime Minister’s Office. In light of the strength of the evidence, Mendelblit and senior officials in the prosecutor’s office and the police investigations division hoped Harow would provide incriminating information against his former boss, and that he would eventually sign an agreement with them to turn state’s witness. As of now, that has yet to happen. However, another suspicion that was investigated, about Netanyahu and his family receiving gifts and favors from tycoons, has been partially substantiated.

CIA and FBI agents “urgently withdrawn” from Ukraine

American intelligence officers stationed at the General Prosecutor and SBU buildings in Kiev have urgently left Ukraine. This was reported by former Verkhovna Rada deputy Igor Markov live on the Russian debate-show “The Meeting Place.”

According to Markov, this is evidence that the US is “slyly withdrawing” from Ukraine.
“A week ago, all the FBI representatives based at the General Prosecutor and the CIA officers stationed in the SBU were urgently redeployed to Romania and Czech Republic. For security forces, this is a clear signal that the US is slyly withdrawing from Ukraine. Only analysts remain, all operative agents have left,” Markov stated. 

High Tech Automobiles Are Making Some People Sick

new car smell VOC

By Catherine J Frompovich

Years ago the “new car smell” was found to cause people to experience a sick feeling.  The odor that causes the new car smell is made up of volatile organic compounds and other toxic chemicals from glues, paints, vinyl and plastics inside new cars.  Those ‘gas out fumes’ can cause headaches, sore throats, nausea and drowsiness—some folks even can experience dizziness or lethargy.

“Probably the most recent of these studies was conducted in February of 2012 by a non-profit group called the Ecology Center. Their “Model Year 2011/2012 Guide to New Vehicles” (which you can download in PDF format here) is unequivocal on the issue: ‘[T]hese chemicals [in new car smell] can be harmful when inhaled or ingested and may lead to severe health impacts such as birth defects, learning disabilities and cancer. Since the average American spends more than 1.5 hours in a car every day, toxic chemical exposure inside vehicles is becoming a major source of potential indoor air pollution’.”  [1]

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Fast forward to the newer cars with all their electronic technology, which apparently emits electromagnetic frequencies, and we find that new car occupants experience equally-distressing symptoms such as vertigo, nausea, headaches and migraines—those ‘killer-type’ headaches.

Check out the stories about new car sicknesses that probably may be due to electromagnetic frequencies causing what’s known as electrohypersensitivity, or medically referred to as “EHS”.   This site discusses EHS and its symptoms.  There are primary and secondary symptoms, which everyone ought to become familiar with because of the ‘ocean’ of frequencies we are living in, plus the EMFs emitted from all smart ZigBee-chipped gadgets, specifically cell and iPhones, and utility companies’ AMI Smart Meters.

Wi-Fi in school or at work can be debilitating for those exposed to it, compromising them with EHS symptoms.  Could Wi-Fi be the cause of what’s affecting the folks in the stories reported in “Carsickness complaints: Family is ‘miserable,’ company aware of concerns.”?

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AMI Smart Meters retrofitted on to a home’s utilities, e.g., electric, natural gas and municipal water, also can compromise an individual with EHS [2].

Here’s a video regarding testing methods for EHS in individuals that explains how things are done.


The World Health Organization (WHO) publishes “Electromagnetic Fields and Health” in English here.

The WHO also publishes that information in twelve languages, which can be found here.

However, I think if you have an older car without technology updates, you may want to hang on to it and take good care of it so it can last ‘forever’, since all the new technology in today’s cars just may not be worth the price you have to pay not only in hard-earned cash, but health-wise.

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Petition to make UK royal family pay for Buckingham Palace repairs gains 70k+ signatures

A general view of Buckingham Palace in central London, Britain, 18 November, 2016. © Hannah McKay

A petition calling for the British royal family to foot the bill for £369 million worth of repairs to Buckingham Palace has surpassed its intended target of 45,000 signatures, quickly reaching over 70,000.

The move comes after Queen Elizabeth II, 90, was awarded a 66 percent rise in funding for the palace refurb by Prime Minister Theresa May and Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond.

Thousands are not happy with the announcement during a time of austerity and cuts to housing for vulnerable families and think the royal family should pay for their own expenses.

Mark Johnson, who started the petition, said on the page that “the Crown and its estates should be made to fund its own renovations.”

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“There is a national housing crisis, the NHS is in crisis, austerity is forcing cuts in many frontline services,” Johnson wrote. “Now the Royals expect us to dig deeper to refurbish Buckingham Palace. The Crown’s wealth is inestimable. This is, in a word, outrageous.”

Scottish Nationalist MP Mhairi Black also condemned the government’s agreement to foot the repair bill on Twitter.

“Privileged family receive ultimate home makeover, meanwhile 50’s women can’t get pensions and 1 in 4 children live in poverty,” she wrote.

Other Twitter users also slammed the move.

Officials, however, warned that there could be a risk of “catastrophic building failure” if the repairs were not carried out, the Guardian reports.

The refurbishment of the palace will be the biggest carried out on the site since World War II. The palace’s boilers, which are 33 years old, 100 miles of electrical cable and 20 miles of lead and cast iron pipework will be the primary focus of the repair plans.

Sweden: Hotline Launched For Women to Report ‘Mansplaining’

Chris Menahan, InformationLiberation, Nov. 17, 2016

Did your feelings get hurt because a man explained something to you?

Well, if you’re in Sweden, you now have a hotline you can call to both report on them and get therapy for your PTSD.


From The Independent:

Women who have things mansplained to them in the workplace can now report it to a dedicated hotline.

Unionen, Sweden’s largest union, is encouraging members to call up when male colleagues give them unsolicited lectures on things they already understand.

The organisation, which represents 600,000 private sector workers, launched the advice line on Monday and said it will be open from 10am to 4pm everyday for a week as part of a campaign to highlight and stamp out the insidious and damaging practice.

For those who might not be familiar with the modern portmanteau, the union defined mansplaining as when “a man explains something to a woman without being asked, particularly something which she might already know more about than the man”.

Unionen said the commonplace practice diminishes women, by making them appear less competent than they are.

A study by the American Psychological Association found that men “tend to overestimate their intelligence to a much greater extent than women” and showed that “self-assurance in men grows with age”.

Unionen said the phone line, which will be staffed by a gender expert and a group of feminist politicians, comedians and scientists, is “about equality”.

“It is about putting your finger on the small everyday problems which become large when they stack up.”

When left unchecked, mansplaining can contribute to men earning more than women, and being promoted faster, the organisation said – “something most of us, regardless of sex, think is unfair and want to change”.

The hotline will advise upset and frustrated callers on what action they should take next, and aims to help them move on. But there are no set answers, instead the people staffing the line will have the freedom to say what they want, based on their own experiences.

Nothing says equality like creating a special hotline for women to complain about their feelings.

‘Gender-Equal Snow Ploughing’ Plunges Stockholm into Chaos

Politicians in Stockholm said the policy of “gender-equal” snow removal has failed after the weather brought Sweden’s capital to a standstill last week, with hospitals reporting a fourfold increase in broken bones.

snowThe city switched to a “feminist” system of clearing snow last winter but last week’s burst of snow, which threw the city into chaos, has cast doubt on its effectiveness.

Hundreds of thousands of people were affected, with the majority of bus routes put out of service and commuters having to wait in queues for several hours.

Previously, fresh snowfalls were cleared first from main roads and by areas like construction sites before being removed from pavements and cycle lanes. As men are more likely to drive and women more likely to travel on foot, more women slipped on the ice which led to complaints that the system was sexist.

Vice-mayor of Stockholm, the Green Party’s Daniel Helldén, admitted that “equality snow removal” had failed the city, and apologised to residents who had injured themselves as a result.

When the Red-Green coalition, comprising politicians from the Social Democratic Party, Green Party, Left Party, and Feminist Initiative, were elected to City Hall in 2014 the introduction of a “feminist” snow clearance was high on the agenda.

But police last week said the system is so bad, with ambulances unable to make their way along Stockholm’s roads, it posed a danger to society. Officer Fredrik Ståhle branded the conditions for drivers in the city “deplorable”.

Opposition vice-mayor Cecilia Brinck called the concept of “gender-equal” snow removal “a little silly”. The Moderate party politician said despite the promise that feminist snow-clearing would make life better for women, its implementation made the weather “bad for everyone”.

Per Ossmer and Martin Westmont from the Sweden Democrats said that the city’s snow clearance plan should not be “characterised by a feminist perspective”.

Speaking for the populist party in a piece for Stockholm Direkt, the pair advised that politicians prioritise delivering an effective transport system over investing “considerable resources” in “gender certifying” various services.