Arrest of right-wing extremist shows that terrorism has no religion

icv press release.pngThe Islamic Council of Victoria stresses that the arrest of Phillip Galea on Saturday on terrorism charges is proof that violent extremism stems from political ideology rather than faith.

ICV Vice President Junaid Cheema said, “Over the last decade there has been a sharp increase in the emergence of far-right extremism. It is extremely concerning that destructive hateful ideologies which have their roots overseas have found a home in Australia and are now threatening the peace and cohesion of our society. The charges laid demonstrate the very real threat posed by right-wing extremism to the security of our nation.”

The ICV calls for a thorough investigation and examination of the process and factors which led to the radicalisation of Phillip Galea, including the groups which motivated his behaviour and that he has had leadership roles in.  In the interest of maintaining a harmonious society, the ICV implores members of all political parties to demonstrate bona fide leadership and condemn the actions of not only Phillip Galea but also those who have contributed to his radicalisation.

The ICV unequivocally condemns all forms of violent extremism regardless of background or political persuasion. Given far-right terrorism events in Norway and Germany in recent years, it is particularly concerning that Terrorism 2.0 is increasing being orchestrated by white supremacists.

This weekend’s arrest is once again a sobering reminder that terrorism has no religion and that we must constantly stand united against all forms of extremism.

For further information or media inquiries contact ICV media spokesperson Kuranda Seyit on 0412 318 045.

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