Orbán: “Migrants” a Poison, and EU a Threat


Third World migrants are a “poison” which will destroy Europe, and the European Union (EU) is a bigger threat to European survival than Mecca, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has announced.

“Migration is a threat, and will increase crime and terrorism. On a mass scale it is changing the face of Europe’s culture and will destroy all national cultures,” he said.

During a press conference with Austrian chancellor Christian Kern, Orbán declared that “migrants are poison” and “not needed.”

“Hungary does not need a single migrant for the economy to work, or the population to

sustain itself, or for the country to have a future,” Orbán said.

“This is why there is no need for a common European migration policy: whoever needs migrants can take them, but don’t force them on us, we don’t need them.”

Referring to the string of refugee-terrorist attacks in western Europe, Orbán added that “every single migrant means a public safety and terror risk.”

He also revealed that over 8,000 Hungarian policemen are continuously deployed in the Hungarian-Serbian border, at great expense, to “protect Europe.”

Orbán’s comments are bound to further exacerbate tensions between the Visegrad 4 nations and the liberal western European leaders, and come only three days after he gave a lecture at the 27th Bálványos Summer University, which also dealt with the Third World invasion and the European Union (EU).

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