Children’s Hospital Bombed in Syria Amidst Massive Civilian Casualties from US Air Strikes

By Matt Agorist

On Monday of last week, airstrikes, led by US coalition forces, killed 21 innocent civilians in Manbij’s northern Hazawneh quarter in Syria. On the following Tuesday, additional strikes in the region killed 56 more, including multiple children.

Prior to the strikes last week, more than 100 civilians have already been killed in Manbij in only a short time by US bombs — nearly half of them children.

On Friday, another tragic air strike hit the Save the Children-supported maternity hospital in Idlib. This hospital serves over 1,300 women and performs over 300 deliveries each month.

Save the Children said the strike hit the front of the hospital building, at a time when two operations were under way and a woman was in labor, according to Al Jazeera.

“Several babies were injured when their incubators crashed to the floor, and a woman who was six months pregnant had her leg severed,” Save the Children said in a statement.

“Two other women have shrapnel wounds to the stomach and a number of patients and staff have suffered light injuries.”

Also on Friday, immediately following the strikes on the hospital, more details surfaced on at least 28 civilians who have reportedly been killed and several wounded in US-led air strikes on the suburbs of Manbij, slightly northeast of Idlib.

Friday’s state-sponsored murder of civilians comes only one day after the US-led coalition announced it had enough evidence of civilian casualties from its attacks on the same area last week to launch a formal investigation.

Save the Children posted the following short video immediately after the attack on the hospital.

“The bomb hit the entrance to the hospital, which is the biggest in the area, serving over 1,300 women monthly,” a spokeswoman for the charity told Al Jazeera on Friday.

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