“Crisis Is Good…”

IMG_0053.JPGAs my Russian Master would say; “Crisis is good.: you fall on your face, you get back up again.”
It’s hard to shrug off a comment like that. Especially since it is coming from a Russian. Coming from a man, that comes from a group of people that has an intimate and long relationship with crisis. A man that works with ideals. A story teller. This is something that one shoulders and carries away…It is only with crisis that one can truly change the way one thinks. When the structure of reality has been broken down brick by brick, pixel by pixel, thought by thought, until even the foundations are gone, no more, all gone, as dust to the wind of the mind. This is true crisis. The realisation that the reality you thought was, is in fact sadly not.  With nothing to build on, the mind has to re-structure and in so doing enables the sight of things that were previously unseen, to be things that are now seen.



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