NICE MASSACRE: Another ‘Known Wolf’ Spawned From Gladio’s Cointelpro Litter.

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

The man suspected of carrying out a shooting and vehicular assault in Nice, France – was already known to authorities despite contradictory claims.

French officials are reporting that 84 people were killed in Nice, France, following reports of a truck being deliberately driven into a celebratory crowd after Bastille Day festivities this past week.

French President Francois Hollande stated another 50 people were in critical condition and are “between life and death,” with more than 200 others suffering injuries.

Almost immediately after the incident occurred on Promenade des Anglais, officials and media were calling the unusually strange sequence of events an ‘act of terror.’

Here at 21WIRE, we’ve already noted some of the peculiar aspects of this latest ‘attack’ on France, while also considering the politics at play – namely, the possible ‘boost’ in France’s role in Syria and Iraq:

“According to initial reports, a truck-lorry, said to be driven by a ‘terrorist’ and possibly one accomplice, drove into crowds who were heading home after a Bastille Day fireworks display along the beach in Nice, France. Early reports also claim that after the truck’s occupant drove into the crowd he proceeded to fire gun shots at the crowd, before being shot and killed by the police.”

QUESTION: Was this a ‘ISIS-inspired’ lone wolf’ individual, or is there something else involved in this bizarre incident?

Another question worth asking: how was Bouhlel able to fire a gun while driving an HGV cargo truck at high speeds? Was this the work of several people?

TERROR TRUCK? – A photo copy of the ID dispensed by officials and media following the apparent ‘terrorist’ vehicular mass-homicide committed in Nice, France. (Image Source:

The ‘Nice’ Suspect

According to officials, Mohamed Lahouij Bouhlel, is named as the person responsible in a vehicular related mass-casualty-incident. Bouhlel, a 31 year-old French man of Tunisian descent had his ID discovered after authorities shot the suspect dead at the scene.

We are told that Bouhlel was a delinquent father of three, and a violent career petty criminal – well known to police and authorities, and was said to be finalizing a divorce while under mental duress.


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