German nudists told to cover up as asylum seekers home opens near skinny-dipping lake nudists told to cover up as asylum seekers home opens near skinny-dipping lakeThe birthday-suited members of the Family Sport and Naturist Association Moritzburg in eastern Germany asked for funds to build a fence shielding them from the prying eyes of residents in the new facility.

Instead they got a letter back from authorities saying they would no longer be allowed to skinny dip in the lake that will separate their naked paradise from the new £1.2 million all-male refugee centre.

The nudists claim their starkers way of life – the club near the ancient porcelain manufacturing center of Meissen has been going since 1905 – is being threatened by officials not wanting to offend newcomers.

“I don’t know whether it is wise to set up the asylum home here,” said Petra Hoffman, 70-year-old club treasurer.

“Many members are worried about camping out on our land in summer with the home across the water.

“Now they say we can no longer swim nude and have sent the instructions to us in many languages on a laminated board.”

Public baths have become a flashpoint in the German refugee crisis as strictly Muslim men have become aroused at the sight of scantily clad females and seen their attire as an invitation for sex.

Many pools across country have been forced to put up signs warning refugees that bikinis are not an invitation to a come-on from over-stimulated men.

The home will house 112 asylum seekers on the pond at Radeburg.

“We need the home,” said a local authority spokesman. “There is no other alternative.”

The official said the bathing rules were actually in place before the home was planned but are now being enforced in a bid to head off any potential incidents.

But the nudists will still be allowed to wander around their club area naked – something that many said they will be loathe to do with the new residents across the way eyeing them.

And the 400 members are united in their determination to carry on swimming in the buff.

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