Danish youth party performs song calling Obama ‘talentless negro’ in front of US envoy

U.S. President Barack Obama © Carlos Barria

The bold lyrics were written and performed by the Dansk Folkepartis Ungdom (DFU) – the youth branch of the Danish People’s Party – at the annual People’s Meeting (Folkemødet), held on the island of Bornholm.

The party described the tune as a “festive and humorous” song about the upcoming US presidential election, which declared the party’s support for Donald Trump and made comments about Obama’s race, The Local reports. The lyrics read, in part:

“There is Obama, and he’s negro
And without talent, and he is no bro
Make America great again with Trump”

The song was posted in its entirety on Facebook by journalist and political commentator David Trads, who called on the youth party to apologize – especially since the song was sung in front of US Ambassador Rufus Gifford, who previously worked as finance director for Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012.

“I hope the Danish People’s Party leaders will publicly apologize for its youth party’s misplaced and idiotic behavior in front of Obama’s friend and official representative but it is probably too much to ask. Unfortunately,” Trads wrote.

However, as Trads’ Facebook post circulated online, the party did issue an apology.

“It wasn’t the intention to hurt or insult the American ambassador, Obama’s friend for many years, and I bitterly regret that we used that terminology in what was meant as a funny reference but was misunderstood and did more harm than good,” DFU National Chairman Lucas Hultgren said, adding he has “the utmost respect” for both Gifford and Obama.

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