phi in the sky: mar 14, on air in t minus 10 mins

Phi In The Sky: swinging on the curve of the question

2200 till 0100

(10pm – 1am)

GMT +10.5 hrs

Now Streaming

Phi In The Sky
an objective view from the volcano

as gangs clash in Melbourne, Australia, it seems the Western World is heading towards a Coudenhove-Kalergi “Clash of Civilizations”

the week that was; a review of what the lame stream media is not broadcasting
– zen master, alan watts
– juice media with rapnews…10 climate commandments
– Love and Light; the sonorous snordster
– Depleted Uranium; stormcloudsgathering
– Who is behind ISIS; James Corbett from

and as always; some loungin’ thinkin’ music

max ashley


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