phi in the sky: feb 29, on air in t minus 30 mins

Phi In The Sky: swinging on the curve of the question

2200 till 0100

(10pm – 1am)

GMT +10.5 hrs

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Today on Phi In The Sky
an objective view from the volcano

  • overing the stories the Lame Stream Media shuns
  • thus week:
    • Health Minister of Victoria, Australia, declare there are no risks in vaccinating children
    • the turnmoil in Syria and will the ceasefire hold?
    • Yemen market hit by Saudi attack
    • is your mobile phone cooking your sperm?
    • the latest on the forced migration/soft invasion in Europe

as well as:
– zen master, alan watts: drug laws: the truth
– james corbett: the corbett report with sybil edmonds: Turkey’s False Flag & Timeline To War
– some sonorous snordster
– rupert sheldrake: the Banned Tedx talk: the science delusion

and as always; some loungin’ thinkin’ music

max ashley


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