Summary of the Coordinated Sexual Assaults by Immigrants Against Europeans on N.Y.E

Screen-Shot-2016-01-15-at-12.13.17-AMThe heart wrenching events that occurred in Cologne on New Years 2015/2016 has made it into most people’s conscious awareness if they live in a Western country. However, I can tell from the way these unforgivable crimes were covered in many mainstream news sources, as well as from people’s comments on social media, that most are probably unaware of many details and the magnitude of how serious and widespread this was.

There’s been some fantastic coverage by a select few larger alternative news outlets such as Breitbart (who first broke the story in English and continued to post in depth updates), but many news sources have seemed to be deliberately vague, which made researching this article to get accurate numbers more time consuming than you might think. Yes, most big outlets eventually ended up covering the events in a fairly minimal way because of how much the stories spread online, but we haven’t seen this story treated as an act of terrorism, which is what it was.

Screen-Shot-2016-01-14-at-2.35.00-PM-231x300What is most alarming, next to the horrendous lecherous acts themselves, is that many of them appear to have been coordinated beforehand via text messaging and online forums by these criminal untermenschen so they could hunt down women who were tired and likely drunk at the end of their New Year’s night. There’s even a term used for this group “activity” in Islamic culture of intentionally seeking out vulnerable women who can be sexually assaulted, or even gang raped called “Taharrush”.

While it’s not a religious doctrine, it is obviously something Muslims don’t see as conflicting with their religious views and it’s been instilled in countless numbers of these grown men who’ve made up the vast majority of the “refugees” flooding into the West en masse.

To bring awareness to how many women and in how many cities across Europe these attacks occurred, I’ve compiled a well referenced list below. For the full stories and details of some of these heinous acts please follow the links. The list is divided by country, and by individual cities within each country. They are ordered from where the most number of attacks occurred to the least amount. I believe it’s very likely that the total number of attacks could easily be double what’s been reported so far, and possibly other countries experienced some of these attacks but the police or media may have suppressed them, if not then the victims themselves are so ashamed and distraught that they have been unable to come forward yet.


Cologne: The attacks here were so large, it was thankfully inevitable for it to become a major topic of discussion online. Over 2000 clearly Middle-Eastern and North African men in a mob caused 821 people to file criminal complaints, about half of which were sexual assaults. Some of these sexual assaults were groping on top of the clothes, some were molestation under the clothes, some were fingers penetrating the women in any orifice, and the most horrific, although thankfully least common were the gang rapes. One woman had a firework placed in the hood of her sweater which she managed to get out before it went off, but it was lit and caused severe burns to her neck and shoulder that will leave permanent scarring.

Hamburg: On a downtown street known for its clubs and nightlife 53 women were assaulted and/or robbed by swarms of immigrants, and 39 of those were sexual assaults. Around the city another 6 women were sexually assaulted and robbed individually by gangs of 5-15 North African men.

Düsseldorf: 11 women were sexually assaulted by North Africans.image21-300x300

Berlin: Around the city a total of 9 women were sexually assaulted by immigrant men, some attackers were recent refugees living in camps just outside the city.

Frankfurt: 7 women were groped, robbed and molested by large groups of Arabic men around the city.

Stuttgart: 2 German women, and 2 German men were assaulted and robbed by 15 Arabic men.

Dortmund: 1 woman was sexually assaulted after declining an immigrant’s sexual advances and being told “German women are just there for sex” while he then tried offering her money to have sex with him.

Total in Germany: Including some attacks not yet mentioned in the media, 1049 people filed assault reports.


Salzburg: 7 women around the city were sexually assaulted by “foreigners”. One victim describes watching as her friend was put in a headlock and the man licked her face.

Vienna: 4 women around Vienna were sexually harassed and robbed. These events in particular infuriate me as I was in Vienna over New Years. I obviously would have had no way of knowing that these things were going to occur but to know they happened in the city, possibly just blocks from where I was staying is dreadful. A few days earlier I had had the small pocket on my backpack unzipped and its contents (random small worthless items) stolen while I was walking through the market where one of these women were assaulted.


Zurich: 6 women were molested and robbed in the city while another 24 robberies occurred near the waterfront with some victims reporting having been fondled by Arab and North African men.


Helsinki: 7 women were sexually assaulted by “men of foreign origin” in and around the city square.


Kalmar: At least 15 women were groped by groups of men. Two arrests of asylum-seekers have been made so far.


Paris: In a video interview with the daily express 2 British teens describe in graphic detail how they were sexually assaulted. One of them had all of her clothes torn off, knocked to the ground, and then penetrated by her attackers’ fingers while she was held down.

Grand Total:

As of the writing of this article over 1,100 criminal reports from New Year’s Eve have occurred across 6 countries and about half of them have been sexual assaults of some type. Not a single case mentions a European man as having been the perpetrator in any of the attacks.

Some of the reactions to these attacks by both civil servants and the general public have been completely despicable.

The last thing the victims of these crimes and the communities where they occurred need are deluded politically correct politicians blaming the culture of the native peoples and giving lackluster orders to police. Not only were the Cologne police who were on site during the attacks unresponsive to the crimes occurring right in front of them, but in the days following the attacks the city deployed a whopping 10 officers to investigate the matter when they knew full well the mob of over 2000 immigrant men had assaulted hundreds of women.

Reker SaluteSocial media outrage and heavy criticism changed these pathetic responses that were verging on a cover up and suppression of the events to a seemingly appropriate sized task force to deal with the investigation. However the response to the counter protests where 1,500 riot police were sent to block 3,000 Europeans marching under the Pegida banner makes you wonder what the priorities of Germany and the city of Cologne are.

Signaling an image of pseudo-morality by having a tougher crackdown on those who oppose the mass immigration policies that have brought on this mess in the first place is actually just a blatant display of extreme cowardice, and ethno-masochism. This tells foreigners both inside Germany and outside of it who wish to travel there that it’s still prime hunting season. Germany and the surrounding European countries will be perceived this way by all of these invaders until we can collectively grow a spine.

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