ken o'keefe squareIf you are unaware of Ken O’Keefe then no doubt you haven’t been tuning into the real alternative or independent media or for that matter Presstv where he is called upon as an analyst and  commentator for the Middle East. After leaving the Marine Corps and renouncing his American citizenship Ken O’Keefe’s path changed from that of soldier to the more challenging and rewarding path; the path of the warrior.
Ken is a direct action activist having been directly involved with the Sea Shepard Conservation Society, Iraqi Human Shield, Gaza Freedom Flotilla and is directly involved with The Full Circle Project as well as the Global Freedom Movement. In 20015 he was denied an entry visa to Australia.
Once again. it is refreshing to interview a man that “walks the talk” and during our conversation some of the issues we address are:
•    the unacceptable state of the world
•    Honour and integrity
•    the awakening and the capacity in all of us
•    the Middle East, Palestine, Greater Israel and the looming omni-presence of WWIII
•    ancestry and the power of the Irish and their language; Gaelic
•    independent media, entertainment
•    Australian entry denial

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