Planned Parenthood says harvesting of organs from murdered, partial-birth aborted babies is a ‘humanitarian mission’

Planned Parenthood

(NaturalNews) A Camino Public Relations document, speaking on behalf of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, defends the organization’s recently exposed practice of harvesting and selling fetal body parts. As revealed in this video, Planned Parenthood is engaged in meticulously removing and preserving fetal organs, donating them to affiliates, and then collecting money for them. It’s all being done in the name of medical research and is being applauded as a “humanitarian mission.”

What it really means is that Planned Parenthood is working for the biotech industry. This represents a dark conflict of interest, especially since Planned Parenthood is supposed to be all about women’s health. How can Planned Parenthood help women make healthy decisions if the enterprise is being pressured to encourage women to give up their baby’s organs for sale to the biotech industry?

And it doesn’t matter if the organs are being sold or donated – Planned Parenthood sells the body parts to for-profit and non-profit organizations. Human lives are being discarded in either case all for the sake of industry. Sadly, pregnant women are being thrown in the middle of this game, as their womb, emotions, and the life inside them is abused for another’s gain.

The most disgusting part of it all is that Planned Parenthood is calling this practice a “humanitarian undertaking.” The Camino Public Relations backgrounder suggests, “Aborted pregnancy tissue donation and research are humanitarian undertakings that hold the potential to cure disease, save lives, and ameliorate suffering.”

They argue that the organs are better off being used for medical research than being discarded into the trash. Of course, it’s okay to take a life to potentially save a life. That’s the justification being used, in sheer and utter pride.

Partial birth abortion procedures are a threat to women’s health

In the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003, medical evidence suggested that partial birth abortion procedures are extremely invasive, inhumane, and pose health risks to the mother. Isn’t this what Planned Parenthood should be trying to prevent in the first place? How far is the enterprise willing to take abortion as they deceive pregnant women into participating in this life terminating, organ selling business? Does anyone ever consider the emotional impact these procedures have on women in the years after it’s all done?


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