Proposal after Government Investigation: Let 12-Year-Old Swedish Kids have Sex Change

A recent investigation done by the Swedish government, propose to make it possible for children over 12 years to change their legal gender and for slightly older children to surgically remove their genitals. The investigation also suggests that the age limit should be lowered for gender reassignment surgery.

According to the investigation, conducted by the Ministry of Social Affairs on behalf of the Government, persons 15 years of age have the opportunity to decide on amending their legal gender, by application to the Swedish Tax Agency.

Even from the age of 12 it should be possible to undergo a “legal sex change,” with guardian permission, according to the report.

A legal change of sex means that you get a new Social Security number. The study suggests, however, that young people over 15 years should be given permission to “engage in sexual organs or the removal of gonads,” provided there is an approval from the Socialstyrelsen (The National Board of Health and Welfare) and from parents. Previously there has been a 18-year limit for that type of surgery.

Tax-financed RFSL (The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights), which has long lobbied work for lowered age limit for sex change, welcomes the proposal. The organization regrets that the report does not propose that the age limit be eliminated entirely.

“In the years that RFSL Youth has pushed the issue concerning the age limit for change of legal sex has several parliamentary parties referred to an investigation by a team of experts will decide which route is best to go. We hope therefore that the politicians now look further into commission’s proposals and make decisions along the lines presented in the report, or rather suggest that the age limit be eliminated entirely,” said Gisela Janis, Chair of RFSL Youth in a press release.

RFSL and RFSL Youth also calls for a study on the feasibility of a “third legal sex” or to eventually completely eliminate legal gender.



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