Kambo Healing – nature’s own vaccination

Hello guys and girls :) It has been a while since writing a blog as I have been focusing on writing my book Love your liver Feel ALIVEr which is about to go for proof reading this weekend! This book is all about boosting your gut immunity and longevity with LifeFood and liver/gallbladder cleansing too. But  thats another story…..

This year and last year seems to have been a time of huge shifts for sure? I have noticed that after speaking to many people, they too have been experiencing many huge changes within their lives with all these planetary shifts taking place. Time just seems to be escalating at a faster speed than ever before!

So here I am writing once again wishing to share my experiences about the frog medicine called Kambo as I have become aware of the depth this medicine has reached within my being. This frog medicine came jumping into my life quite a few years ago, along with other natural beautiful medicines from nature, my favourite one being a cactus called Peyote.Kambo medicine has become much more accessible for people on our planet nowadays, and so the frog has jumped forth into many people’s lives  sharing its innate wisdom amongst those of who have had the luck to have come across the unusual and intense healing experience. And so writing this blog is also about sharing my gratitude for the presence and experiences of Kambo many a time now along with the potential healing of this medicine for humans on many levels.

The waxy tree frog secretion is also called ‘vacino da floresta’ by the people of the Amazonian jungle. The frog is also called the Giant monkey frog. When I was in the Amazonian jungle last year, I noticed how big it was and what an unusual sound it made compared to the other noises coming form the chorus of the jungle wildlife.

Kambo frogThis potent frog toxin which is excreted from the frogs skin, without any cruelty involved to the frog, is applied to the surface of your skin and within minutes you are purging, detoxing nearly every cell within the body and the blood. The whole experience usually lasts from around 20 -30 minutes. The toxin is applied in such minute doses to each individual and the amount applied varies from person to person. The medicine contains many peptides which reduce inflammation and boost your immunity working on the physical body. The energy of this medicine also helps to remove many spiritual blockages called panema and realigns the chakras working on the psychic and spiritual bodies too. All the chakras are involved with the healing from Kambo and so affects the energy of the heart helping us to focus and jump forward in life like the frog.


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