Show Me The Money

Each paper Brixton Pound note commemorates a local hero, voted on by the people of Brixton, and celebrates our history, art, politics and culture. Brixton Pound is thankful to a number of people for helping with the design of the notes.

All of the notes contain a number of security features such as water marked paper by specialist secure printers, customized holograms, embossed numbering, and UV light illustrations.

To get hold of pristine, brand-spanking new, uncirculated notes as collectors items, please visit our shop.

2nd Edition notes:

Designed by Charlie Waterhouse and Clive Paul Russell of the local design agency This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll. In addition to a local hero all of the notes feature a design inspired by the iconic Coldharbour Lane Barrier Block and other Brixton influenced features. Top marks to those who guessed them!

Lenford (Len) Kwesi Garrison (1943 – 2003) – academic, community activist, and co-founder of the Black Cultural Archives. Garrison’s life’s work was to catalogue the development of the Black British identity and its history. He co-founded the BCA in the heart of Brixton Market, Coldharbour Lane in 1981. The back of the note features public street art from Stockwell Skate Park.

Stockwell Skate Park

Stockwell Skate Park, Stockwell Park Road | © Gavin Freeborn

The Barrier Block

The Barrier Block, Coldharbour Lane | © Gavin Freeborn

Luol Deng (born 1985) – professional basketball player for the GB national basketball team and the NBA’s Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat. Born in South Sudan, Deng emigrated as a child and moved with his family to Brixton. There he joined England’s 15-and-under basketball team at Brixton Basketball Club, marking the beginning of his basketball career. The reverse of the note is inspired by the Evelyn Grace Academy and features the Brixton Rec logo.


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