Aborted Fetal Cells in Products and Vaccines

vaccine-ingredientsBy Catherine J. Frompovich

With all the uproar—and rightfully so—about Planned Parenthood and fetal parts sales and delivery recently, there is something consumers may want to know how aborted fetal cells directly impact everyone’s daily lives! What? You may be asking. The straight up answer is: Consumers are purchasing products from companies that use fetal ‘parts’ in some way, including research, for products you purchase.

There’s a company—Senomyx—that patents food additives to produce certain smells and flavors in foods, which uses HEK239 cells from aborted fetuses, per Wikipedia. [1] HEK stands for human embryonic kidney cells!

As Wikipedia states,

Using information from the human genome sequence, Senomyx has identified hundreds of taste receptors and currently owns 113 patents on their discoveries. Senomyx collaborates with seven of the world’s largest food companies to further their research and to fund development of their technology. [1]

So, who are some of Senomyx’s past or current clients? PepsiCo, Cadbury, Kraft, Starbucks, Solae, Nestlé and Campbell are just a small share of their client list. [1,2] Supposedly, Kraft-Cadbury Adams LLC , Campbell and Pepsi Beverages no longer use Senomyx products due to boycotts that were in effect against products and corporations using human fetal cell lines in producing consumer products or their research. Were some in foods consumers ate?

Another cell line that’s been used in medical research is the HeLa cell line obtained from a poor black woman, Henrietta Lacks, who died of cervical cancer at 31 years of age. That story of medical research exploitation, plus others about human and aborted fetal cell lines, often referred to as diploid cells, are told here.

Some anti-aging face creams made by Neocutis supposedly contained Senomyx products. [3]

However, the pharmaceutical and vaccine industries unabashedly admit to using diploid cell lines in the manufacture of vaccines and medications. They include: [4]

  • Adenovirus 5,7 (Barr Laboratories )
  • MMR II: Measles + Mumps + Rubella (Merck)
  • ProQuad: MMR + Chickenpox (Merck)
  • Varivax: Chickenpox (Merck)
  • Pentacel: Polio + DTaP + HiB – (Sanofi Pasteur)
  • Vaqta: Hepatitis-A (Merck)
  • Havrix: Hepatitis-A (Glaxo SmithKline)
  • Twinrix: Hepatitis-A and B combo (Glaxo)
  • Zostavax: Shingles (Merck)
  • Imovax: Rabies (Sanofi Pasteur)
  • Acambis 1000: Smallpox (Acambis)
  • Other medicines: [4]
  • rhFVIII, rhFVIX: Hemophilia (Octapharma)
  • G-CSF: White blood cell stimulant (Octapharma)
  • Pulmozyme: Cystic Fibrosis (Genentech)
  • Enbrel: Rheumatoid Arthritis (Amgen)
  • Abciximab/Repro (Eli Lilly)

A rather interesting ‘splitting of the hairs’ opinion regarding the legal status of aborted fetuses can be gleaned from this remark in “Harvesting Fetal Baby Parts,”

It’s legal, and tens of thousands of body parts from aborted babies are used in scientific research. It’s true, too, that our laws provide no human-being status to an unborn baby. But despite this, unborn babies are considered human for the purpose of scientific experimentation. [5]

How come when a pregnant female loses her unborn child in an auto accident, the party who hit her car can be charged with homicide [6,7]? Are U.S. laws somehow mixed up?

Infanticide is not new; it’s been going on for ages, but what probably is new, is that it’s been developed into a ‘legal right’ by using ‘political correctness’—where’s the fetus’s NATURAL right to life?—within the United States legal system and that of other countries. Did Roe v Wade become law because researchers were tired of having to import fetal research materials from a Scandinavian country [11]?

China has practiced female infanticide for two thousand years [8]. India, too, has a long history of female infanticide [9]. However, in ancient Rome, neither gender was spared infanticide [10]. Move over ancient Rome, the U.S. Supreme Court upped your ante!

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