Kiev Furious Over Ukrainians Going to Crimea for Holidays / Sputnik International

Russian cities. Yalta
An endless number of Ukrainian cars keep crossing the border into Crimea, as Ukrainians come to the Russian peninsula for holidays, Ukrainian news channel reported.

In response, Ukrainian radicals have urged to make lists of “traitors,” who decided to take their vacation on the Russian peninsula and threatened to punish them later.

“I recently spoke with Ilya Kiva, the deputy head of the Kherson regional department of the Ukrainian Armed forces. He said Ukrainians are going to the occupied Crimea for holidays en masse. According to their car plates, holiday-goers are from Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov and Kiev,” Ukrainian politician Dmytro Korchynsky said, according to the source.

Korchynsky was worried by the trend and said Ukraine should make the list of those who chose to go to the peninsula “occupied” by Russia.

Four Crimean Cities Make Top 10 List for Family Summer Vacations in Russia

Crimea has always been regarded as a perfect destination for tourists. The number of tourists that are expected to visit the peninsula during the 2015 holiday season stands at 4.3 million people, which is a 15 percent increase from 2014.

In March 2014, Crimea seceded from Ukraine and re-united with Russia. The secession took place after a nationalist government came to power in Kiev through an illegal coup in February 2014, which alienated Crimea’s majority Russian-speaking population of 2.4 million.

Crimea refused to recognize the legitimacy of the new authorities in Kiev, and staged a referendum in March 2014, in which 96 percent of voters chose to join Russia.

via Kiev Furious Over Ukrainians Going to Crimea for Holidays / Sputnik International.


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