TASS: World – Dutch government refuses to unseal MH17 documents

Boeing MH17 debris
THE HAGUE, August 13. /TASS/. The Dutch government has refused to unseal documents regarding last year’s MH17 airliner crash in Ukraine, Dutch broadcaster RTL said on Wednesday evening.

The broadcaster earlier filed an appeal to Dutch Justice Minister Ard van der Steur, asking him to disclose as much information as possible because of the massive impact the crash had on Dutch society.

In his response, Van der Steur acknowledged that the disaster did indeed have a big impact on people’s lives, but that secrecy was more important, according to RTL.

In April, the National Coordinator for Counter-terrorism and Security released hundreds of documents related to the MH17 disaster after news agencies NOS, RTL and Volkskrant appealed to the country’s Freedom of Information Act. A total of 575 documents mostly consisted of emails exchanged within the National Crisis Core Team after the crash. Parts of the documents were blacked out to protect the privacy of people who appear in the documents and to allow officials to have an “unfettered exchange of arguments”.

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Media organizations requested that all decisions from the ministerial crisis team reports be made public, so that the government’s actions could be reconstructed. Van der Steur rejected the request, explaining that the decisions were “interwoven” with the opinions of officials and politicians. “For this reason the disclosure of factual information must also be refused,” the Dutch minister said.

via TASS: World – Dutch government refuses to unseal MH17 documents.


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