Norway starts school for Vikings – The Local

Norway starts school for Vikings
A Norwegian further education college is starting a programme for want-to-be Vikings where students will learn essential Viking crafts, such as sword forging, jewellery making, and roof thatching.

Viking sword linked to Canute’s England raids (15 Jul 15)

Viking voyages began earlier than thought (27 Apr 15)

During the course at Seljord Folkehøgskule 150km west of Oslo, students — many inspired by TV series such as ‘Game of Thrones’ — will celebrate even celebrate the Norse rituals of the year, going so far as to make animal sacrifices during the winter feast.

“We see a large number of applicants who have applied for different reasons,” the school’s principal, Arve Husby, told Norwegian broadcaster NRK. “Some have become interested through TV series and others want to learn handicraft. We give a high quality education, and if TV series get people interested, we are happy,”

Public interest in all things Viking has increased in recent years due to TV dramas such as ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Vikings’.

The school’s leading Viking teacher is Jeppe Nordmann Garly, a Dane who describes himself as a “recreational Viking”, having spent much of his life trying to get as close as possible to the Viking experience.

“You could say that I am the first Viking teacher,” said Normann Garly, who professes to enjoying Viking-themed TV dramas. “Personally I prefer Game of Thrones. Vikings has too many factual errors.

Students at the school will also have the opportunity to row Viking ships, learn ceramics and woodworks.

via Norway starts school for Vikings – The Local.

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