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Mass Pro-White demonstration in Budapest, Hungary. – White GeNOcide Project

8javBy this time a large segment of ethnic – White – Hungarians know that in the minds of anti-Whites Africa is for the Africans, Asia is for the Asians, yet White countries are for everybody. They also know that native Europeans are denied to have their homelands everywhere on the globe, they are also denied the right to exist as a cultural, racial and ethnic group. This is geNOcide.

Understanding the sick nature of the genocidal system which advocates ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’ in all White countries and only White countries, several thousand pro-White protestors took to the streets to stand up for their rights and for the rights of their children. The mass demonstration took place on the 10th of July 2015 in the heart of Budapest near ‘Keleti Pályaudvar’ a very large railroad station which has recently become infested by hordes of illegal immigrants.

The Hungarian Bugser team calls for worldwide pro-White action! You can see with your own eyes, that building up a strong White resistance movement is not impossible at all! Educate your family and friends about White geNOcide! As we do not own the radio and TV – yet – you yourselves should be the pro-White media! You see that setting up a leaderless, grassroots movement always works. Talk to your friends, wherever you live and TAKE ACTION! Many soldiers died for their homeland, they gave up everything for their people, including their lives. In modern times you do not have to die to make your people free, it is enough to bear some difficulties like losing a job or doing some jail time. This is nothing to the sacrifices our ancestors made for our freedom!

Good luck to everyone! And lift your ass up and START protesting, that is ALL it takes! Do something however small it is that opposes this rotten system and challenges its – moral – authority and it WILL yield results, it WILL collapse in the end! Onward for our revolutionary struggle because we fight for the right thing!

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Head of Germany’s Extreme Left Calls Native Germans “Nazis” and Their Extinction “Fortunate”

Attorney Gregor Gysi, who is of Jewish ancestry, is the head of Germany’s third largest political party, The Left (Die Linke), which emerged in part from the old East German communist party, the Socialist Unity Party of Germany.

In a video urging people to join his protest on June 6th, he said “we have to take a stand against Nazis.” What he really is talking about is German people.

He tells Germans “Live better without Nazis, diversity is our future.” All of this is happening while Germany is being over-run by immigrants from around the world. Meanwhile ethnic German people who are opposed to mass immigration who are not celebrating their extinction, are naturally accused of being part of a new revived branch of the National Socialist German Workers Party, i.e. “Nazis.”

Gysi also said that, “Countries like Poland, who are very Catholic, have to be willing to accept more refugees.” They too must accept mass immigration and become a minority in their own country. If not, they too are Nazis.

Gysi ends his pep talk by saying, “Oh and by the way… every year more native Germans die than there are born. This is very fortunate. It’s because the Nazis are not very good at having offspring. The decline of Germans is why they are so dependent on immigration from foreign countries.”

Here he bundles the two terms together, saying that all Germans are “Nazis.”

Can you imagine the outrage if a politician in any Western country said the same about Jews or another non-European group?

For example:

“… every year more native Jews die than there are born. This is very fortunate. It’s because the Zionists are not very good at having offspring. The decline of Israel is why they are so dependent on immigration from foreign countries.”

Or what if someone said:

“… every year more native Nigerians die than there are born. This is very fortunate. It’s because the Nigerians are not very good at having offspring. The decline of Nigeria is why they are so dependent on immigration from foreign countries.”

Oh and by the way, you’ll never hear Gregor Gysi telling Jews that “diversity is the future of Israel.”

Breaking: Congress to Investigate Planned Parenthood for Selling Dead Baby Body Parts – The Gateway Pundit

nucatola muscle
Jim Hoft Jul 15th, 2015 12:35 pm 45 Comments

On Tuesday video was released showing Top Planned Parenthood abortion Director Dr. Deborah Nucatola was caught on tape describing how the organization sells baby organs.

Life News released the video.

Even worse…

Dr. Nucatola was munching on a salad as she described the barbaric practice.

Dr. Nucatola (over salad): “I don’t know that they’re doing with it. I guess they want muscle.”

Dr. Deborah Nucatola: “Maybe they want muscle… A lot of people want liver.”

Later Tuesday Planned Parenthood admitted they get $30 to $100 for each aborted baby body part.

“Prices to body part specimen would likely range from 30 to 100 dollars.”

Now this…

The US Congress will investigate Planned Parenthool for selling body parts at $30 to $100 a pop.

via Breaking: Congress to Investigate Planned Parenthood for Selling Dead Baby Body Parts – The Gateway Pundit.

Uh-oh, a robot just passed the self-awareness test | TechRadar

Uh oh these robots just passed a self awareness test
Roboticists at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York have built a trio of robots that were put through the classic ‘wise men puzzle’ test of self-awareness – and one of them passed.

In the puzzle, a fictional king is choosing a new advisor and gathers the three wisest people in the land. He promises the contest will be fair, then puts either a blue or white hat on each of their heads and tells them all that the first person to stand up and correctly deduce the colour of their own hat will become his new advisor.

Selmer Bringsjord set up a similar situation for the three robots – two were prevented from talking, then all three were asked which one was still able to speak. All attempt to say “I don’t know”, but only one succeeds – and when it hears its own voice, it understands that it was not silenced, saying “Sorry, I know now!”

Dear stupid humans, please stop crashing into Google’s self-driving cars

However, as we can assume that all three robots were coded the same, technically, all three have passed this self-awareness test.

Human-like abilities

It might sound a pretty simple task for a human, but it’s not for a robot – the bot must listen to and understand the question, then hear their own voice saying “I don’t know” and recognise it as distinct from another robot’s voice, then connect that with the original question to conclude that they hadn’t been silenced.

It might be bacteria, not humans, that control the robots

Logical puzzles requiring an element of self-awareness like this are essential in building robots that can understand their role in society. By passing many tests of this type, it’s hoped that robots will be able to build up a group of human-like abilities that become useful when combined.

Bringsjord’s work will be presented at the RO-MAN conference in Japan, which runs from 31 August to 4 September 2015. Oh, you want the correct answer for the wise men puzzle? Well, the only fair contest would be if they were all the same colour!

via Uh-oh, a robot just passed the self-awareness test | TechRadar.

Russia says NO to GMO seeds; aims for food supply that’s ‘cleanest in the world’ –

(NaturalNews) The future of agriculture in Russia won’t involve genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), says the country’s Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. In order to preserve the quality and integrity of its food supply, Russia plans to stick with growing methods that protect the soil and boost yields naturally, a move that Dvorkovich says will make his country’s food among the “cleanest in the world.”

Russia does not import GMOs like most of Europe currently does, nor does it grow them. Unlike the U.S., Russia has deep concerns about the safety of GMOs and has chosen to implement an extended moratorium on their use as it looks to other, safer technologies that don’t come with the risk of birth defects, endocrine disruption and cancer.

At the recent International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, Dvorkovich told listeners that Russia has “chosen a different path,” and that the country “will not use these [GM] technologies” to boost agricultural production. The announcement coincides with statements made by Russian President Vladimir Putin back in 2014 about the need to “protect” Russian citizens against GMOs.

“We need to properly construct our work so that it is not contrary to our obligations under the WTO [World Trade Organization],” Putin stated. “But even with this in mind, we nevertheless have legitimate methods and instruments to protect our own market, and above all citizens.”

via Russia says NO to GMO seeds; aims for food supply that’s ‘cleanest in the world’ –

In Flint, Michigan, Overpriced Water is Causing People’s Skin to Erupt in Rashes and Hair to Fall Out. | The Nation


Lemott Thomas carries free water being distributed at the Lincoln Park United Methodist Church in Flint, Michigan. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

On a Saturday afternoon in early May, Gertrude Marshall stood on a sidewalk in front of Flint City Hall holding a hand-printed sign that declared, “We Need Affordable Water.” A 48-year-old grandmother with a kind face and determined eyes, she had come alone to protest the city’s skyrocketing water rates. In the month of April, the city had issued shutoff notices to 378 customers who could not afford to pay their bills.

In some respects, Flint’s water affordability crisis is difficult to fathom. Michigan is “The Great Lake State” after all, a place surrounded by 20 percent of the world’s fresh surface water, suggesting that water should be extremely affordable. But as in Detroit, its more famous sibling city to the south, water has become a high-priced commodity that too many residents can no longer afford. With average household charges nearing $150 a month, Flint’s water and sewer rates are among the highest in the United States.

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Nor is price the only water problem facing the people of Flint. Since the city’s emergency manager switched the city’s drinking-water source in April 2014 from Detroit’s system to the Flint River—a move that was billed as a cost-saving windfall—residents have endured a series of water-safety scares. First came the three boil-water warnings, which the city issued after finding evidence E. coli and other nasty bacteria in the city’s water supply. These were followed by nine months of dangerously high levels of total trihalomethanes, a carcinogenic byproduct of chlorine, which put the city in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act; the city had ramped up the chlorine in an effort to kill the E. coli and other gut-busting microbes. Along the way, people have complained about rashes, hair loss, bad smells and worse, leading a group of them to file a lawsuit on June 5 to force the city to stop getting its water from the Flint River.

via In Flint, Michigan, Overpriced Water is Causing People’s Skin to Erupt in Rashes and Hair to Fall Out. | The Nation.

MSM finally admits Western diets lack nutrition and cause disease… a decade after independent media sounded the alarm –

(NaturalNews) The mainstream media and their high-paying pharmaceutical sponsors make it seem like disease is random, striking people without warning. In this way of thinking, people start to feel like helpless victims. They can quickly become scared and lose touch with their bodies and minds. They start lining up for routine medical checks and injections. Sometimes, fear-stricken patients end up submitting to barbaric medical practices like a mastectomy or hysterectomy. Yes, doctors now encourage women to anticipate cancer by cutting off and gutting out their healthy body parts!

Amidst all the fear, disinformation and unnecessary cutting, independent media and health education sites like NaturalNews and the Weston A. Price Foundation stand out, reminding the world that the disease process starts within the body and is connected to the under-utilization of important nutrients. It’s a nutrient-depleted, acidic internal environment that allows disease to take hold. Processed foods are known to deplete the beneficial microbes in the gut, hurting the body’s ability to defend itself against infection. Understanding these principles puts people back in charge of their own health instead of inciting a fear of the world around them.

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Germany and EU to Legalize Pedophilia and with it, Child Pornography as well!

Booklets from a subsidiary of the German government’s Ministry for Family Affairs encourage parents to sexually massage their children as young as 1 to 3 years of age. Two 40-page booklets entitled “Love, Body and Playing Doctor” by the German Federal Health Education Center (Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung – BZgA) are aimed at parents – the first addressing children from 1-3 and the other children from 4-6 years of age.

“Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions, while this is the only way the girls can develop a sense of pride in their sex,” reads the booklet regarding 1-3 year olds. The authors rationalize, “The child touches all parts of their father’s body, sometimes arousing him. The father should do the same.”

Why do some people still vote for these scumbags? Next time we must all vote our local NATIONALIST (extreme right) Political Party to restore normality.

Canadian author and public speaker Michael O’Brien who has written and spoken extensively about the crisis of culture in the West spoke to about the shocking and extremely disturbing phenomenon. It is, he said, “State-encouraged incest, which in most civilized societies is a crime.” The development is, he suggests, a natural outcome of the rejection of the Judeo-Christian moral order.

“The imposed social revolution that has swept the western world is moving to a new stage as it works out the logical consequences of its view of man’s value,” said O’Brien. “It is merely obeying its strictly materialist philosophy of man. If man is no more than a creature created for pleasure or power. If he is no more than a cell in the social organism, then no moral standards, no psychological truths, no spiritual truths can refute the ‘will to power’ and the ‘will to pleasure’.”

The pamphlet advises parents to permit young children “unlimited masturbation” except where physical injury becomes apparent. It advises: “Children should learn that there is no such thing as shameful parts of the body. The body is a home, which you should be proud of.” For ages 4-6, the booklet recommends teaching children the movements of copulation.

Another product of the BZgA is a song book aimed at children of four and slightly older which includes several songs espousing masturbation. The song-book entitled “Nose, belly and bum” includes one song with the following lyrics: “When I touch my body, I discover what I have. I have a vagina, because I am a girl. Vagina is not only for peeing. When I touch it, I feel a pleasant tingle.”

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Confederate History – Dispelling The Myths

History books, the media, the school systems, etc abound in falsehoods and inaccuracies of Confederate and Southern history. This fact sheet will help to clarify and dispell some of these rampant inaccuracies.

MYTH – The War of 1861 – 1865 was fought over slavery.

FACT – Terribly untrue. The North fought the war over money. Plain and simple. When the South started Secession, Lincoln was asked, “Why not let the South go in peace?” To which he replied, “I can’t let them go. Who would pay for the government?” Sensing total financial ruin for the North, Lincoln waged war on the South. The South fought the War to repel Northern aggression and invasion.

MYTH – Only Southerners owned slaves.

FACT – Entirely untrue. Many Northern civilians owned slaves. Prior to, during and even after the War Of Northern Aggression.

Surprisingly, to many history impaired individuals, most Union Generals and staff had slaves to serve them! William T. Sherman had many slaves that served him until well after the war was over and did not free them until late in 1865.

U.S. Grant also had several slaves, who were only freed after the 13th amendment in December of 1865. When asked why he didn’t free his slaves earlier, Grant stated “Good help is so hard to come by these days.”

Contrarily, Confederate General Robert E. Lee freed his slaves (which he never purchased – they were inherited) in 1862!!! Lee freed his slaves several years before the war was over, and considerably earlier than his Northern counterparts. And during the fierce early days of the war when the South was obliterating the Yankee armies!

Lastly, and most importantly, why did NORTHERN States outlaw slavery only AFTER the war was over? The so-called “Emancipation Proclamation” of Lincoln only gave freedom to slaves in the SOUTH! NOT in the North! This pecksniffery even went so far as to find the state of Delaware rejecting the 13th Amendment in December of 1865 and did not ratify it (13th Amendment / free the slaves) until 1901!

MYTH – The Confederate Battle Flag was flown on slave ships.

FACT – NONE of the flags of the Confederacy or Southern Nation ever flew over a slave ship. Nor did the South own or operate any slaves ships. The English, the Dutch and the Portugese brought slaves to this country, not the Southern Nation.

BUT, even more monumental, it is also very important to know and understand that Federal, Yankee, Union ships brought slaves to America! These ships were from the New England states, and their hypocrisy is atrocious.

These Federals were ones that ended up crying the loudest about slavery. But without their ships, many of the slaves would have never arrived here. They made countless fortunes on the delivery of slaves as well as the products madefrom raw materials such as cotton and tobacco in the South.

This is the problem with Yankee history History is overwhelmingly portrayed incorrectly by most of the Federal & Yankee books and media.

MYTH – The Confederate Battle Flag represented the Southern Nation.

FACT – Not true. While the Southern Battle flag was carried into battle, the Southern Nation had 3 different National flags during the course of the war.

The First National flag was changed due to a resemblance of the US flag.

The Second National flag was subsequently modified due to the similarity to a flag of truce.

The Third National flag was the adopted flag of the Confederacy.

The Confederate Battle Flag was never a National Flag of the Confederacy. It was carried into battle by several armies such as the Army Of Northen Virginia and the Army of Tennessee. Was also used as a Naval Jack by the Confederate Navy.

via Confederate History – Dispelling The Myths.