Twitter’s Hypocrisy : Promoted Tweet Doesn’t Get Banned When “White” is Changed to “Black” | Thedening the West

Andrew “weev” Auernheimer, noted internet troll, pulled another of his characteristic pranks last week when he took advantage of Twitter’s targeted tweet system to address issues of violence against Whites around the world. As Auernheimer noted in his Storify post on his experiment, Twitter promoted tweet system allows for very intentional targeting of audiences :

Thanks to Twitter’s integration of Acxiom and Datalogix to its ad console, you can do some wonderful targeting. You can aim for people that have donated to Democratic campaigns, or animal rights causes (can’t wait to try to sell those people some furs). You can aim for women who shop fine jewelry. You can also choose to display ads to followers of specific users, like @Jezebel or@feministing.

With that in mind, Auernheimer set out to see what kind of reaction he’d elicit with a fairly innocuous tweet about violence against Whites:


Read the rest of Auernheimer’s Storify to see the multitude of reactions he elicited. Not surprisingly, Brahmin media characterized Auernheimer’s experiment in the most hysteric of ways, with Slate declaring “Twitter Allows Promoted Tweets with Racist Content“, while ArsTechnica framed it as “How someone spent pennies to troll women, people of color via promoted tweets“. Eventually, Twitter shut down Auernheimer’s experiment, leading The Guardian to happily declare “Twitter blocks promoted tweets by notorious white supremacist.“

This week, Auernheimer decided to test what would happen if the same tweet was promoted with the word “white” replaced with the word “black.” The results were unsurprising, given Twitter’s history in addressing various forms of attacks on their medium against anyone who shows even a smidgen of Right leaning.

The tweet itself:

via Twitter’s Hypocrisy : Promoted Tweet Doesn’t Get Banned When “White” is Changed to “Black” | Thedening the West.


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