Tools For Tyrants: Amnesty International Gives PR Cover To Israel’s Brutal Gaza Genocide

In 2015 it’s becoming more and more clear just how certain celebrated high-profile ‘human rights’ charities are being used to provide public relations cover for certain governments, and even to validate some of the most brutal genocidal and ethnic cleansing practices on the planet.

One of the most egregious examples of this failing ‘human rights industry’ is popular charity, Amnesty International. It’s fairly obvious after reading Amnesty’s recent reports on Israel’s military ‘fish-in-barrel’ human cull this past summer of 2014 in Gaza, that this glamorous charity is now playing a supporting role in one the planet’s longest running humanitarian disasters.

Amnesty appears to be a very sophisticated effort designed to criminalize Palestinian resistance to a violent and long-running occupation by Israel by whitewashing the IDF’s leveling of the world’s most densely populated and poverty-stricken patch of land in Gaza.

Although Amnesty has championed many good causes in the past, and even highlighted the suffering of Palestinians, when it comes to acknowledging the overearching illegal Israeli occupation and apartheid system, Amnesty International has developed a convenient blind spot. Could this have anything to do with the Hollywood celebrity endorsements which Amnesty depends so heavily on to market itself and to raise much-needed cash to fund its multimillion dollar global operation and pay numerous executive salaries?


via Tools For Tyrants: Amnesty International Gives PR Cover To Israel’s Brutal Gaza Genocide.

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