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TMedical Cannabis MarijuanaHere in the United States, medical marijuana quickly went from something that was ridiculed to something that was accepted as having a potential basis in reality, and now, we have doctor after doctor coming out in favor of its widespread medical uses.

One of them is Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who you might’ve seen on CNN a few times and who recently started to endorse medical marijuana.

Dr. Gupta explained the journey to understand the plant’s medicinal properties in a 2014 article on

“This scientific journey is about a growing number of patients who want the cannabis plant as a genuine medicine, not to get high.”

“It is about emerging science that not only shows and proves what marijuana can do for the body but provides better insights into the mechanisms of marijuana in the brain, helping us better understand a plant whose benefits have been documented for thousands of years.”

“This journey is also about a Draconian system where politics overrides science and patients are caught in the middle.” (1)

Dr. Gupta, a mainstream doctor, made an unprecedented move in departing his previously biased opinion of marijuana and exploring its potential. This, along with plenty of other developments where reputable doctors started to come out in favor of medical marijuana, sets a new standard for the exploration of the herb’s medical uses.

Now, another country is setting their sights on medicinal cannabis – Australia.

Australia has become the latest country to put medical marijuana to the test, and while they aren’t looking to legalize it quite yet (which is what the Australian activists who’ve been pressuring them want), they’ve taken a significant step.

Alexandra Preston at Natural Society tells us more.

via Australia Is Warming up to Medical Cannabis – Waking Times : Waking Times.


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