The Hillary Clinton Scandals

There's more to Hillary than publicized scandals.
The scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton are the surface tremors of a far greater disturbance. To many, Hillary embodies a stern but kind, hard-working, wronged wife and mother. To others she is a consummately corrupt politician who has used her image and connections to reach the very top of American politics. Hillary’s underlying character must be understood if we are to gauge the veracity of the scandals and allegations that haunt her.

To that end, this article will explore the findings of Wikileaks, her voting record, her presidential campaign ads, the sordid history of donations to her election campaigns, her connections to the health insurance industry and Zionism, the Benghazi scandal, and her secretive email practices. As a European observer who has more in common with the Democrats, it is hoped that this largely condemnatory article will be an objective investigation of the real Hillary Clinton.

The Hillary Wikileaks Scandal

In November 2010 Wikileaks revealed that the US State Department had recently issued a confidential cable ordering US diplomats to spy on UN officials. The order to gather fingerprints, iris scans, DNA, credit card details and computer passwords was far beyond previous spying efforts, and contravened the human rights of UN officials.

As the Secretary of State at the time, Hillary Clinton denied having issued the order, despite her name being present at the bottom of the cable. A spokesperson for the State Department claimed it is standard procedure to affix the name of the Secretary of State to cables from Washington. While this may be true, it is bewildering how Hillary could not be privy to information sent out under her name, especially a cable ordering diplomats to break international law. It is difficult to believe she was out of the loop. In many other countries she would have been forced to resign to remove any doubt about her corruption. In America she was allowed to continue in office, which was no surprise considering the power she holds.

Hillary on Iraq

As a public figure, there are a wealth of videos detailing controversial statements made by Hillary Clinton. Here is a clip of her lying to the Senate about the Iraq War. It has been shown that Saddam Hussein had no links to Al Qaeda; rather that he was hostile to Al Qaeda activity in his country. It has also been shown that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. Hillary could once again claim ignorance by saying she genuinely believed Saddam was a threat, but with over 50,000 combatants and 100,000 civilians dead, can her reckless warmongering be forgiven? If you look at false evidence with a goal of proving it true, can you really claim you were convinced by it?

Hillary on Iran

Hillary further aligned herself with the foreign policy of the previous Bush administration with her comments about Iran. With no proof of Iran wanting a nuclear weapon, Hillary has consistently implied the opposite by stating that Iran should not be allowed to possess one. Iranian enrichment activities have not exceeded the limits granted by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty for the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

In 2007, Hillary voted to label the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a “terrorist organisation”, and to use the military to enforce US policy against Iran. This blatant attempt to open the door to war saw her receive extensive criticism from fellow Democrats. In late 2007 when it was revealed that Iran had halted its nuclear weapons research in 2003, Hillary’s comments about “stopping Iran getting a nuclear weapon” were further called into question. Nevertheless, in 2008, Hillary threatened Iran with nuclear obliteration should they ever launch a nuclear attack against Israel, prompting complaints about her conduct at the UN.

Hillary has threatened military action against Iran on numerous occasions, and in 2012 she engaged in further sabre rattling by claiming the time for peaceful resolution will come to an end. Hillary’s comments about Iran often specifically refer to the security and safety of Israel, fuelling speculation about which government she really reports to.

Hillary and Zionism

Hillary’s unusual antagonism towards Iran combined with her loyalty to Israel suggest a Zionist influence. Zionism is a political position commonly held by Jews, which seeks to ensure the continued existence of a Jewish-only national state. This discriminatory position is typically held by supporters of Israel, and is especially prevalent in American politics. Israeli Zionists tend to defend Israel’s borders with disproportionate force, and are not beyond claiming extra territory in violation of UN resolutions. Evidence of Zionist influence over Hillary Clinton is circumstantial, but extensive. The linked video provides some of this evidence.

In 2008, Jewish representatives of the three major presidential candidates held a debate. Hillary Clinton’s representative, Ann Lewis, who is also a former White House official, stood up in all seriousness to say: ”The role of the president of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel. It is not up to us to pick and choose from among the political parties of Israel”. Frankly, comments like this are shocking, but they’re being made as if it’s the norm. If Hillary’s representative thinks this is the role of American politicians, what does this say about the real Hillary Clinton?

In 2010, Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, married into the Jewish-Zionist Mezvinsky family. Her husband Marc Mezvinsky is an investment banker for Goldman Sachs and is the son of former corrupt politician Edward Mezvinsky, who spent five years in federal prison for fraud. One must wonder how the happy couple met.

Millions can't afford health insurance.
Millions can’t afford health insurance.

Hillary Health Care

Once the champion of socialized health-care, in 2006 Hillary became the second most highly paid recipient of campaign donations from health insurance companies, drug manufacturers and hospitals. These donations have coincided with a moderation of her previous socialist position. She now wants universal health care, but only as mandatory coverage provided by the health insurance industry; a position that will undoubtedly be very profitable for companies in this sector.

Hillary’s Presidential Campaign Ads

During her 2008 campaign to become the Democrat presidential nominee, Hillary used fear tactics in a desperate move to entice the populace to vote for her. One of her ads included pictures of Osama Bin Laden, Hurricane Katrina, soldiers marching, and other fear-provoking imagery. Another ad preyed on concern for the safety of our children. These despicable ads are designed to scare people into voting for her, and they amplify aforementioned concerns about her moral integrity. Hillary’s questionable character came to the surface again in 2012 with her reaction to the death of Muammer Gaddafi. Her statement makes light of his death and can only be described as gleefully heartless. The three videos may be viewed in this article (right).

Other Hillary Clinton Scandals

Beyond this discussion are the scandals that have affected her political career. Indeed, Hillary Clinton is the only First Lady to become a focus of criminal investigation. One of these scandals is Clinton’s 2008 hiring of Sandy Berger as an advisor. Berger had been convicted in 2005 for the theft of secret documents from the National Archives.

Then there are the allegations that Hillary falsified statements to the Federal Election Commission about a large donation to her 2000 Senate campaign. Peter Paul made a donation that was significantly larger than the amount claimed in her statement, meaning that a large sum of money may have gone illegally into her campaign coffers. This criminal misconduct carries a possible five year prison term. Despite the campaign being fined for misreporting the cost of the fundraiser that was organised with the money Peter Paul donated, repeated law-suits against Clinton have been rejected in the courts.

In 2009 it was found that Hillary Clinton intervened on behalf of companies who later donated money to her husband’s foundation. Not surprisingly, some of these companies are involved in the pharmaceutical industry. These findings raise serious ethical concerns, and when considered alongside the aforementioned analysis of her character, one would have expected a proper investigation instead of the stern lecture she received from a panel of fellow politicians. Indeed, one has to wonder how many corruption scandals it will take before the pieces are put together.

Hillary Denies Seeing Warning

Hillary Evades Questions

Hillary Benghazi Scandal

In 2013 Hillary Clinton found herself embroiled in yet another scandal. This time it was her use of propaganda to mislead the public about the circumstances of the Benghazi terrorist attack on the American embassy in Libya. Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans died in the tragedy.

Hillary was initially quizzed about warnings from the ambassador and the CIA about potential hostility. These warnings were produced less than a month before the attacks, and were sent to Hillary’s office. Incredibly, she denied any knowledge of the warnings (video). Furthermore, the warnings were not reported after the incident, which appeared to be an attempt to withhold information that could damage Hillary’s reputation, and that of the Obama administration.

Recently, documents have emerged to prove that Hillary’s aide, Victoria Nuland, ordered the removal of all mentions of terrorism, al-Qaeda, and CIA warnings from government reports about the attack. Instead, the State Department pushed the story that it was a spontaneous assault resulting from protests about an anti-Muslim book. It is inconceivable to think that Hillary did not know about the actions of Victoria Nuland. This brings her testimony to Congress into question (video), and should result in her prosecution.

However, as with the aforementioned scandals, you can expect Hillary to remain in her position of power after the dust has settled. While others would be forced to abandon their political ambitions, she is simply too powerful for this to happen.

Hillary used a private account to hide emails from the American people.
Hillary used a private account to hide emails from the American people.

Hiding Emails From Scrutiny

It appears there’s no end to scandals involving Hillary Clinton. In 2015, it’s been revealed that she used a private email account to conduct State Department business. To avoid abuse and corruption, the Federal Records Act requires that all State Department officials use their government-assigned email address to correspond with colleagues and contacts. This allows records to be kept that can be used in any subsequent investigations.

Though the Federal Records Act was amended for electronic communications in 2014, the original 1950 Act may still cover her transgression. Furthermore, the 2014 amendment merely codified a preexisting ban on the use of private email addresses for government business, unless such emails are forwarded to a government-assigned account within 20 days.

We can only speculate about why Hillary breached this rule, but one reason would be to hide information that is pertinent to her role in the Benghazi scandal. Another reason would be to hide information relevant to her hiring of private consultants for global corporations into the State Department. Investigators have now been furnished with many of her private emails. Unfortunately, she’s probably had ample time to delete any that incriminate her.


Hillary Clinton is a powerful American politician who would probably have never reached that position without the contacts she established during her time as First Lady. One has to ask how many deals were made to get her into power, and how many scandals it will take before that power is taken away.

The list of Hillary Clinton scandals is becoming extensive, and her 2008 presidential campaign ads reflected this absence of moral integrity. The U-turns evident in Hillary’s health care policy coincide with an increase in donations from the health insurance industry. Evidence of her championing the business interests of pharmaceutical companies in return for donations rouses further suspicion. Her affiliation with prominent Zionists, and her loyal support of Zionist policy suggests further corruption. The Benghazi scandal and her secretive email practices will surely not be the last entries on a long list of questionable behavior.

The real Hillary Clinton may be found by joining the dots. In doing so, we discover a politician whose character lacks any semblance of principled integrity; a heartless liar and propagandist who appears to be as corrupt as they come.


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