PressTV – Australia to see more counter-terrorism raids

A police officer questions two people outside a house where a man was taken into custody during a counter-terrorism raid in Seabrook in suburban Melbourne, Australia, September 30, 2014.
Australians have been warned to prepare for further counter-terrorism raids as the government maintains its high terror threat level in the country.

Aussies will come to find an increase in such raids as those carried out in Sydney and Brisbane in September, in an effort to disrupt alleged plots by the supporters of Takfiri ISIL terrorists in the country, Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan said on Monday.

“The paradigm has changed such that we will be forced to react much quicker than what we previously have, and I think the community will see more of this where we will do a large number of execution of search warrants and probably only one or two arrests,” Gaughan told members of Sydney’s Muslim community during a television program.

The official refused, however, to provide details on whether any preparations were underway.

Last week, the Australian government passed new legislation aimed at preventing radical elements from joining terrorist groups and fighting in overseas conflicts such as those in Iraq and Syria.

via PressTV – Australia to see more counter-terrorism raids.


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