If you threaten US interests, you may be destroyed – ex-London mayor Livingstone — RT UK

British soldiers wearing their combat helmets June 26, 2003 patrol in Amarah, 350 km southeast of Baghdad. (Reuters/Radu Sigheti)
It’s time for the UK to have an independent foreign policy and stop being a cheerleader for Washington, says former London mayor, Ken Livingstone. But politicians know that posing a threat to US interests may end badly for you, he told RT.

Livingstone, a vocal critic of Britain’s military involvement in Iraq, believes that since as far back as the First World War, the United States, with Britain’s help, has intervened on numerous occasions all over the Middle East just to control the flow of oil.

“If you read what now is published in people’s diaries and official documents, immediately after 9/11 when Tony Blair arrived at the White House he was shocked because everyone around George Bush was not talking about Afghanistan and Al-Qaeda, they were talking about Iraq and Saddam Hussein.”

So, it was always a cover, adds Livingstone.

“Ever since the end of the WW1 Britain and America have intervened all of the Middle East to control the flow of oil. It’s been the center of their economy. They put up completely corrupt regimes, they overthrew democratically elected ones, like in Iran in 1953. We’ve just had a hundred years of Western intervention. And the tragedy is, when you look at the loss of life and what it cost us, we would have been better off if we paid an honest price for the oil, having the Arab countries sell it themselves.”

Livingstone says one of the reasons he supports Labour leader Edward Miliband is because he is a leader who is prepared to stand up to the Tories on foreign wars, as was proven when his stance was instrumental in Cameron’s parliamentary defeat on British involvement in Syria.

via If you threaten US interests, you may be destroyed – ex-London mayor Livingstone — RT UK.


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