Interview: Australian Original’s Treaty With Egypt Unearthed

phi website interview stong final
In this interview we dive into the often murky and swirling wooers of Australian archaeology and anthropology as we discuss the numerous Egyptian glyphs and how they correlate to the Original’s, Australian Indigenous, Dreamtime stories. A stone found near the Bambara glyphs that is one of the hardest rocks found with 51 lines cut into it that appears to be astrological markings. Similar markings have been found on rocks on other continents, which seem to correlate to the location of the find and cosmology. The rocks all have a common dominating angle of 33 degrees: Bambarra, Queensland is found at 33 degrees latitude.

The interview takes a unplanned change of course when I am informed of a very recent find of another Egyptian artefact. The composite plaster artefact appears to be a Treaty between the Originals and the Egyptians

via Steven Evan Strong: Egyptian Hieroglyphs & The Original’s Treaty With Egypt | phi in the sky | phi in the sky.


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