Asia-Pacific Perspective: Abbott’s War and The World of Oil and Money


Oil and money collide again as Tony Abbott carries Australia back into the Middle East conflict for the third time in three decades. Rodney E. Lever reports.

It is difficult to believe that Tony Abbott knows what he is doing in committing Australia to a third war in Iraq. How does one read into the mind of a man who has been a serial liar all his life?

Joan Abbott (no relation as far as I know) tweeted this comment to me:

‘A war without definition pursued by a man who defies definition. Welcome to Australia, land of the Great (un)Defined.’

Prime Minister Abbott has pegged his place in history to a leaking vessel and it raises many questions and many doubts.

When, for example, did Barack Obama ask Australia to send our squadron of Hornets? Did I miss something? America has its own much more powerful air force. When did Obama request Australian troops? He has declared that his own army will be restricted to training Iraq forces again to meet the threat of ISIL (or ISIS, as America calls it).

From the beginning, this has been Obama’s war. He was elected to end the first mess in Iraq started by George W. Bush simply because the American power elite no longer trusted Saddam Hussein, who had previously been an ally to the US but had outlived his usefulness.

via Asia-Pacific Perspective: Abbott’s War and The World of Oil and Money.



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