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Maria Kvilhaug: Old Norse Mythology and Legend & Viking Vengeance

Maria Kvilhaug is a historian of religions. She graduated with a master’s degree in Old Norse Mythology and Initiation Rituals from the University of Oslo. Her master’s dissertation was the later published work “The Maiden with the Mead – A Goddess of Initiation in Old Norse Myths?” She is also the author of “The Seed of Yggdrasil.” Maria runs the YouTube channel, Earth Mythic Library under the username LadyoftheLabyrinth, which is inspired by the Minoan term “Labyrinthos Potnia.” Maria takes a historical and spiritual approach to Old Norse myths and legends and considers them on par with other classical philosophical principles. We’ll begin on the ancient Norse lifestyle of both men and women, including the ranking system. Maria explains how shamanism has an important place in Norse mythology. She’ll point out symbolism found in Norse stories and art that is also seen in other mythologies around the world. In the second hour, we’ll discuss the Vikings, who travelled far and wide. We’ll talk about how Viking raids began in retaliation of Roman Christian aggression. She’ll talk about the destruction of pagans and their fight to ward off Christian invasion, which also included Norse sorcery. As the Vikings were scattered, we’ll discuss where they went. We’ll also hear about hierarchy and the expectations of a man within the Viking society. Later, Maria discusses Norse cosmology and elaborates more on Norse myths that are conveyed in poems, riddles and tales.

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The Hidden Story of How America and Britain Overthrew the Government of Their ‘Ally’ Australia | Alternet

October 23, 2014 |

Across the political and media elite in Australia, a silence has descended on the memory of the great, reforming prime minister Gough Whitlam, who has died. His achievements are recognised, if grudgingly, his mistakes noted in false sorrow. But a critical reason for his extraordinary political demise will, they hope, be buried with him.

Australia briefly became an independent state during the Whitlam years, 1972-75. An American commentator wrote that no country had “reversed its posture in international affairs so totally without going through a domestic revolution”. Whitlam ended his nation’s colonial servility. He abolished Royal patronage, moved Australia towards the Non-Aligned Movement, supported “zones of peace” and opposed nuclear weapons testing.

Although not regarded as on the left of the Labor Party, Whitlam was a maverick social democrat of principle, pride and propriety. He believed that a foreign power should not control his country’s resources and dictate its economic and foreign policies. He proposed to “buy back the farm”. In drafting the first Aboriginal lands rights legislation, his government raised the ghost of the greatest land grab in human history, Britain’s colonisation of Australia, and the question of who owned the island-continent’s vast natural wealth.

Latin Americans will recognise the audacity and danger of this “breaking free” in a country whose establishment was welded to great, external power. Australians had served every British imperial adventure since the Boxer rebellion was crushed in China. In the 1960s, Australia pleaded to join the US in its invasion of Vietnam, then provided “black teams” to be run by the CIA. US diplomatic cables published last year by WikiLeaks disclose the names of leading figures in both main parties, including a future prime minister and foreign minister, as Washington’s informants during the Whitlam years.

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James Swagger: Kazakhstan Pentagram 666

Another item that has shown up and not been very well explained is the pentagram in Kazakhstan. If you listened to the 2nd hour of the Red Ice Interview with James Swagger regarding the origins of Halloween, it goes back further than you think, which naturally includes symbolism and finishes with a quick rundown of the Kazahkstan pentagram. Below is the youtube video with what he has discovered compared to what was explained in the mainstream media.

Red Ice Radio – James Swagger – The Irish & Scottish Origins of Halloween

James Swagger is a researcher, field investigator and engineer who has dedicated the last 15 years of his life to researching megalithic sites and ancient cultures. James has been to over 400 megalithic tombs dotted across Europe, in addition to stone circles and henges in search of commonalities and design. James utilizes his engineering background as a systems analyst as a utility to reduce the complexity of ancient megalithic sites. He returns to discuss the Irish and Scottish origins of Halloween. He’ll talk about the Irish/Scottish ‘Samhain’ festival originating in the British Isles about 1300 years ago. He’ll tell about Celtic pagan rituals that relate to the megalithic calendar and solar wheel. James says pagans inherited their solar worship from the megalith builders. He also talks about how the church aimed to Christianize the Celtic pagans and how the shift from Hallows day became Hallows Eve or Halloween. In the second hour, we’ll hear about the mythology of spirits and inter-dimension beings at Halloween. He’ll talk about the Aos Si, banshees, witches, fairies and supernatural women of Ireland. We also hear about the Tuatha De Danann, a race of supernaturally-gifted people in Irish mythology. Later, we discuss other deities and festivals of pre-Christian Gaelic Ireland and variant branches of paganism.

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The 500 Year Old Map that Shatters the Official History of the Human Race – Waking Times

Website Image TemplateIf conventional wisdom on the history of the human race is correct, then human civilization is not old enough, nor was it advanced enough, to account for many of the mysterious monolithic and archeological sites around the world. Places like Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, the Bosnian Pyramids, and Adam’s Calendar in South Africa, beg the same question: if human civilization is supposedly not old enough to have created all of these sites, then who, or what, had the capacity to create so many elaborate structures around the globe?

It is clear that our understanding of our own history is incomplete, and there is plenty of credible evidence pointing to the existence of intelligent and civilized cultures on Earth long before the first human cultures emerged from the Middle East around 4000BC. The Admiral Piri Reis world map of 1513 is part of the emerging more complete story of our history, one that challenges mainstream thinking in big ways.

Mapmaking is a complex and civilized task, thought to have emerged around 1000BC with the Babylonian clay tablets. Antarctica was officially first sighted by a Russian expedition in 1820 and is entirely covered in ice caps thought to have formed around 34-45 million years ago. Antarctica, therefore, should not be seen on any map prior to 1820, and all sighted maps of Antarctica should contain the polar ice caps, which are supposedly millions of years old.

A world map made by Ottoman cartographer and military admiral, Piri Reis, casts some doubt on what we think we know about ancient civilization.

via The 500 Year Old Map that Shatters the Official History of the Human Race – Waking Times.

Kuwait boycotts international companies working with Israel in the occupied territories

Kuwaiti flag
The Palestinian Ministry of Trade and Industry has opened a legal investigation to determine which companies deal with Israel in the occupied territories at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after it had been informed by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation that the British-based multinational security services company G4S, which works for Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories, is suspected to have branches in Kuwait, Al-Quds newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, sources told the newspaper that Kuwait’s Ministry of Commerce has asked the relevant departments to check if G4S has a license to operate in Kuwait and to immediately notify it to stop dealing with Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories, or else the company’s license will be cancelled and it will be prevented it from operating in Kuwait.

Sources also noted that Kuwait’s law number 21 of the year 46 states that Israeli products must be boycotted and prohibits dealing with Israeli companies, stipulating that any company that violates this law or deals with a banned entity will be punished.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Commerce has recently ended its cooperation with 50 European companies because of their activities in the settlements built on the occupied territories of 1967. This decision reflects the official position of the specialised committees in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League, in response to the important popular and parliamentary pressures that have been pushing in this direction for four years in coordination with the National Boycott Committee. Recently, the opportunities for having similar positions in different parts of the Arab world have been increasing, which will strongly encourage the economic boycott of these companies on the global level.

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Met Office pledges reliable weather forecasts with supercomputer – Telegraph

forecasts will become far more accurate, the Met Office has promised after it announced a new £97 million ‘supercomputer’ that it suggested will even bring an end to getting caught in the rain without an umbrella.

The Met Office said that from September it will be able to give forecasts six days ahead instead of the current four and calculate temperatures for the next 24 hours with up to 90 per cent accuracy. Currently, it can only do so for 12 hours.

Using one of the world’s most powerful computers — paid for by the government — scientists will analyse data once an hour, rather than every six hours, to give the most accurate predictions so far.

The Met Office hopes it will improve the forecasting of extreme events such as the floods at Boscastle in 2004 or the Somerset Level deluge last winter. “We’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible,” said Rob Varley, the chief executive at the Met Office.

The Met Office has faced criticism in the past for its inaccurate forecasts, such as when Michael Fish wrongly dismissed the 1987 hurricane that killed 19 people.



The First Vikings – Archaeology Magazine


According to historians, the Viking Age began on June 8, A.D. 793, at an island monastery off the coast of northern England. A contemporary chronicle recorded the moment with a brief entry: “The ravages of heathen men miserably destroyed God’s church on Lindisfarne, with plunder and slaughter.” The “heathen men” were Vikings, fierce warriors who sailed from Scandinavia and bore down on their prey in Europe and beyond in sleek, fast-sailing ships. In the centuries that followed, the Vikings’ vessels carried them deep into Russia and as far south as Constantinople, Sicily, and possibly even North Africa. They organized flotillas capable of carrying warriors across vast distances, and terrorized the English, Irish, and French coasts with lightning-fast raids. Exploratory voyages to the west took them all the way to North America.


The Vikings’ explosion across Europe and Asia and into the Americas was the result of the right combination of tools, technology, adventurousness, and ferocity. They came to be known as an unstoppable force capable of raiding and trading on four continents, yet our understanding of what led up to that June day on Lindisfarne is surprisingly shaky. A recent discovery on a remote Baltic island is beginning to change that. Two ships filled with slain warriors uncovered on the Estonian island of Saaremaa may help archaeologists and historians understand how the Vikings’ warships evolved from short-range, rowed craft to sailing ships; where the first warriors came from; and how their battle tactics developed. “We all agree these burials are Scandinavian in origin,” says Marge Konsa, an archaeologist at the University of Tartu. “This is our first taste of the Viking era.”


Between them, the two boats contain the remains of dozens of men. Seven lay haphazardly in the smaller of the two boats, which was found first. Nearby, in the larger vessel, 33 men were buried in a neat pile, stacked like wood, together with their weapons and animals. The site seems to be a hastily arranged mass grave, the final resting place for Scandinavian warriors killed in an ill-fated raid on Saaremaa, or perhaps waylaid on a remote beach by rivals. The archaeologists believe the men died in a battle some time between 700 and 750, perhaps almost as much as a century before the Viking Age officially began. This was an era scholars call the Vendel period, a transitional time not previously known for far-reaching voyages—or even for sails. The two boats themselves bear witness to the tremendous technological transformations in the eighth-century Baltic.

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Dave & Kim Dortch – Family Battles Police Harassment in Riverside County

An incredible story of how a minor incident can turn into an extended over zealous campaign against a suburban family. Worth a listen to discovery how western and especially American policing has evolved into a quite a new beast…max

October 27, 2014
Dave Dortch, an optometrist and his wife Kim, a nurse and nutritional therapy practitioner tell their story of ongoing police harassment after their 12 year old son was arrested and charged for graffiti vandalism in Riverside County. After the night their 12 year old son was arrested and interrogated without his parents or an attorney present, he confessed. The Dortch’s tell what happened when an armed SWAT team appeared the next day at their house, demanding to search the house without a warrant. Dave talks about being handcuffed in the back yard while cops played pool in their house and ate at their kitchen table. They even rummaged through his wife’s lingerie door. We’ll hear how their son was arrested multiple times, once from school in ankle shackles and taken to juvenile jail where he was forced to experience inappropriate conditions. Dave shares what happened when the cops changed their focus onto him, questioning him about herbs found in his house. This led to a huge task force searching the Dortch’s house in hazmat suits making accusations that the Dortch’s were running a meth lab in their house. Dave was arrested without any charges. They’ll talk about the cops seizing their computers, being followed and intimidated. Kim talks about her fight against the city over her son and she tells of the outrageous court proceedings. In the second hour, they continue with the story and what led to the Dortch family taking out a restraining order against local law enforcement. We’ll hear how the city made an accusation that David was part of a sovereign citizen’s movement and how city personnel were warned about it. Kim talks about the court’s tactics to keep this case sealed from the public. The Dortch family is fighting injustices at all costs to expose corruption and tyranny of U.S. law enforcement in Riverside County. Although, it’s a great battle, one that has caused them to lose their house and go into debt, they’ll speak about why this is important. If you would like to help the Dortch family with their legal fund, please donate.

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