Augureye Express: 2014 Crop Circle Gallery

In keeping with recent years; this season’s crop circle activity has taken a marked departure from the formations we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in past seasons.  Rather than 3D crop circles with jaw-dropping sophisticated geometry; we are instead seeing repetitive patterns and variations on a theme.  In total we find five types of repeated patterns in this years formations; the most frequent being the seed of life ellipses, and concentric rings.  Based in sacred geometry and the Vesica Piscis, the seed of life is the basic mathematical foundation of the Flower of Life; and is a familiar crop circle pattern.  The other repetitive patterns this season are the crescent moon, star design, and spirals.

Another change is the increased instances of farmers cutting out crop circles on their property as soon as they are discovered.  This is primarily done to prevent even further crop damage done by dozens or even hundreds of people flocking to visit the latest event.

What Do They Mean

Pretty much the first thing we want to know when seeing a crop circle is what the intended meaning is.  There are no shortages of ideas when it comes to deciphering these things, or who is creating them; and if you follow this mystery very long you will no doubt encounter most of them, so take your pick!


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