Reporting From The Paradox

Where there is an end there is a beginning…So I suppose this is the beginning, which means that logically the end is behind me…a comforting thought while sitting on the volcano while the world continues it’s crazy Howard Zinn “topsy turvy” slide towards the unknown.

I’ll be adding to this regularly with videos and audio from my radio “phi in the sky” on 100.1fm.

The aim is to assist with objective thought.  I will post thoughts but the content is to act as a reminder of the power and beauty of the human spices. Sounds simple huh? Not so. You may say I’ve made an illogical decision to view the world, this reality, in a logical way. If so, it’s ok as the truths are held in the paradoxes.

There will be many theories and ideologies as well as accepted and non-accepted beliefs addressed.

For more on the direction the site will go to the About page for a slice of my background.

Thoughts and energy from the volcano…max

I shall allow the words of Howard Zinn round off the basis for “the beginning”…



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